This website is designed to help piano teachers interested in developing a network of colleagues and accessing professional development opportunities as well as for parents looking to enroll their children in piano lessons.  We encourage existing members of APTA to log into the members-only area where we have posted electronic versions of our newsletter and a detailed, searchable database.  Should you be unable to find what you’re looking for, please contact us.  We’d be glad to help.

Upcoming Events

If you have an idea for a session that would be beneficial to your piano teacher colleagues, please let us know.  APTA has continuing education funds to help bring clinicians and workshops to our members.  


October 31, 2022
Deadline to apply for Student Bursaries
The APTA Student Bursary is designed to help students of APTA members continue their lessons during a period of financial difficulty.  Students do not need to be accomplished musicians; instead, they simply have to show a love of music and a strong desire to succeed.   The amount of money to be given out varies from year to year and can be split among successful applicants.  Cheques are issued directly to the teacher. Names of students, their teacher, and their hometown are kept in strict confidence by the bursary committee.

To apply for the bursary, please submit a letter explaining the financial need of your student’s family and have the child submit a letter explaining why music is important to him or her.  For more information, contact Sue at 403.605.3905 or sroggensack@shaw.ca 


September 22-23, 2023
Conference in Red Deer, AB
The Alberta Piano Teachers Association will celebrate its 30th year with powerhouse Nicola Canton from Ireland as our headliner.  Mark your calendars now.  Nicola has been patiently waiting for the green light to come to Canada and we are so excited to welcome her to our APTA family.  Details of the conference will be announced next spring.