This website is designed to help piano teachers interested in developing a network of colleagues and accessing professional development opportunities as well as for parents looking to enroll their children in piano lessons.  We encourage existing members of APTA to log into the members-only area where we have posted electronic versions of our newsletter and a detailed, searchable database.  Should you be unable to find what you’re looking for, please contact us.  We’d be glad to help.

Upcoming Events

If you have an idea for an online session that would be beneficial to your piano teacher colleagues, please let us know.  APTA has continuing education funds to help bring clinicians and workshops to our members.  


Due to the cancellation of our 2020 conference because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have curated a series of webinars which are held on the fourth Friday of every month throughout the 2020-2021 teaching year, with the exception of December.  All webinars can be accessed in the members-only sign-in area of the website until August 31, 2021. 

Plans are underway for a virtual event in September 2021 to replace an in-person conference as well as a continuation of the webinars and coffee time chats which have been well received by our members.


Coffee Time Chats
Tuesday, May 18 at 10:00 a.m.
Friday, May 21 at 1:00 p.m.
This has been quite the year of learning and growing for students and teachers alike.  What sort of changes do you envision for your studio next term?  What have been the biggest takeaways from The Launch webinar series (or other non-APTA webinars, blogs, and podcasts) which you are incorporating into your teaching style? Are you making any major changes to your registration forms, fee schedule, or lesson structure as a result?  Join us for the Coffee Time Chat which suits your schedule best.  There is a limit of 15 participants per chat in order to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.


May 28 Webinar
10:00 a.m.
“Thoughts From My Time at Julliard:  Piano and People”
Clinician:  Bronwyn Schuman
Bronwyn believes that relationships are at the core of all pianists’ work, whether the work is solo performing, collaborating, teaching, or all of the above! In this presentation, Bronwyn will discuss what she learned while studying at The Julliard School about developing, balancing, and maintaining healthy relationships with colleagues, teachers, students, and her instrument. Bronwyn’s stories and experiences reveal the challenges and opportunities that pianists regularly encounter while teaching, performing, or struggling in competitive environments. Throughout this presentation, Bronwyn offers practical ideas that will serve to encourage and challenge piano teachers in their work, art, and lives.


June 1, 2021
Creative Music Writing Competition Entry Deadline
Every year, we encourage composers young and old to try their hand at writing a piece for solo piano, voice, other solo instrument or ensemble.  Classes are divided by piano grade level and there is even a class for teachers to enter pieces they’ve written to help students along their learning journey.  Entrants must be active APTA members or students of APTA members.  All entrants will receive a written evaluation of their piece by a qualified adjudicator and winners are invited to submit a video of their composition for our annual CMWC Recital in September.  Further rules and entry information is found on our CMWC page.


July 15, 2021
Continuing Education Scholarships Application Deadline
APTA is pleased to offer several scholarship opportunities to members to encourage and reward continuing education. If you have taken a written or practical exam from Conservatory Canada, the Royal Conservatory of Music, or the Canadian National Conservatory of Music this past year, if you intend to take a course or private lessons this coming year, if you are new to teaching, or if you have spent time during the pandemic practicing your performance skills, we encourage you to apply.   More information is on our Continuing Education Scholarships page.  


2022 Annual Conference

September 23 & 24, 2022
Red Deer AB

We are pleased that Nicola Cantan, the powerhouse behind Vibrant Music teaching based in Dublin, Ireland, is committed to coming to Red Deer for our 2022 conference.   As the headliner, Nicola will present four sessions to an eager audience of APTA members, and will be joined by other session clinicians to provide a conference you won’t want to miss.