Our Mission

The Mission of the Alberta Piano Teachers Association (APTA) is to provide encouragement, inspiration and educational opportunities for all piano teachers in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.

Our Credo

We Believe:

  • Teaching is a lifelong learning process. We respect and support teachers at all stages of their professional development.
  • The rural teacher is just as important as the urban teacher.
  • It is important for teachers to cooperate with other music educators in the community.
  • The teacher’s role includes promoting the value of music in the lives of students, their families and the community.

Our Code Of Ethics

To advance the aims and objectives of the Alberta Piano Teachers Association, this Code of Ethics is adopted by the members to maintain the dignity of the profession, and to promote increased dialogue, camaraderie and cooperation among its members.

All members of this Association shall adhere to the following principles:

  1. Teachers shall make no false claims regarding themselves or their students. As our organization does not require qualification, teachers shall not use the letters APTA after their name when advertising their studio.
  2. Teachers shall charge a rate equitable for (a) his/her area and (b) his/her training and experience.
  3. Teachers shall not criticize the work of other teachers, or try to entice students from other teachers.
  4. Teachers’ conduct towards other teachers shall be characterized by courtesy, respect and good faith, always striving to offer encouragement and support.
  5. Fair and honest business practices shall be observed at all times.