Pearls of Wisdom: A Celebration of 30 Years

Our 30th Anniversary Conference was held September 21 – 23, 2023 in Calgary.  Click here for a description of the sessions and clinicians and here for photos.

“The sessions were all amazing. Loved Nicola – she is so inspiring!”
“Thanks so much for the great hospitality. This is my first year as an APTA member and it’s so comforting to be welcomed in. I really appreciated a member’s on the spot organizing a group walk during break time on Friday. Let’s make that a tradition.”
“I learned so much this year! The facility was perfect! I have so much to put into my studio!”
“Very comfortable and bright. I enjoyed the intimacy of the seminar room and sitting at tables.”
“Loved the concert this year – so amazing.  I love the variety where it’s not ‘just piano’.”
“Very comfortable venue. I love how APTA runs their conference sessions. I like not having to choose between multiple simultaneous sessions. I love how we are all together. I appreciate that there is plenty of time to visit the trade show!”
“Great work on this 30th anniversary conference – beautiful venue, clinician exceptional, beautiful concert, hotel very good, banquet food top notch.”
“Excellent presentations. Best conference yet!”


Next year’s conference will be held in the Edmonton area on September 27 and 28.  Following on the success of our 2023 conference, we will have a social evening on Thursday, September 26 for members to meet, visit and pick up their registration packages.  Our headliner is Pamela Pike from Louisiana.  Registration will open in June 2024.