Teaching Mentorship

In this program, a mentor teacher comes to your community and interacts with you and your students. You choose the type of input that would benefit you the most.

  • The mentor teacher can work with your students while you observe; alternatively, the teacher could watch you teach and provide followup feedback.
  • The format can be a master class setting or one-on-one with your students.
  • This can be done either in your studio or in a mutually convenient venue.


  • Provides immediate feedback
  • Allows for a focus on issues specific to your situation
  • Reinforces and complements your teaching methodology
  • Allows you to gain new pedagogical insights and ideas


A qualified clinician comes to your community to address a specific area of interest.

  • In addition to a workshop format, events like a master class or a recital (or lecture-recital) could be incorporated, depending on the local interest and the clinician.
  • Choose your own clinician or select one from our list of potential clinicians and workshop topics.


  • Encourages ongoing professional growth and development
  • Provides an educational opportunity for teachers not otherwise able to attend similar events in larger centers
  • Provides an opportunity to connect with other teachers in your area
  • Can be geared to exam and festival preparation

APTA’s Responsibilities

  • Connect you with an individual who can best meet your needs
  • Provide assistance with advertising (brochure & poster template, bios, etc.)
  • Assure that the bottom-line costs are met

Your Responsibilities

Consult with the APTA Continuing Education Convenor (or designated APTA Executive Member) regarding:

  • Possible dates, locations, topics, and personnel
  • A simple proposed budget

Oversee details such as:

  • Arranging for a suitable venue
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Providing coffee or snacks (if appropriate)
  • Collection of registration fees (if any)
  • Exploring avenues for local funding
  • Submission of monies collected, receipts for expenses, and a basic balance sheet to the APTA Treasurer
  • Submission of a short review/evaluation to the APTA Continuing Education Convenor

Financial Arrangements

APTA would like to make these opportunities available to as many individuals and groups as possible. We do not wish to exclude anyone due to lack of funds. To this end, the Executive has budgeted several thousand dollars for such events.

At the same time, we would hope that APTA members wishing to take advantage of these opportunities would strive to assist in someway with the cost; perhaps through personal contribution, local fundraising or sponsorship, or a fee charged to participants.

The two biggest cost factors for any event will be the clinician’s honorarium and travel.

In the case of Teaching Mentorship, we have set the fee paid to the guest teacher at $75/hour. Since this is a specialized service, it is fitting that the cost should be assumed by the receiving teacher. Students are expected to contribute $20 for each 20 minutes of a master class and APTA will cover the remainder of the fee up to $75 per hour and the cost of travel for the mentor teacher.

In the case of a Workshop or similar event, the fee will be negotiable depending on the clinician and the length and content of the event.

APTA’s mileage allowance is $0.45/km

For further info or to discuss possible options, contact:

Madeleine Cañete
Continuing Education Convenor