APTA Scholarships

APTA is pleased to offer several scholarship opportunities to members.

The deadline for applications is July 15. All scholarships will be awarded at the annual APTA Conference banquet.

Adjudicated Scholarships

Applications for the following five scholarships will be reviewed in complete confidentiality by a highly qualified third-party judge. These scholarships will only be awarded once per individual.

Mark-based Scholarships

Application Deadline: July 15

The following scholarships are available to all APTA members and are awarded on the basis of marks obtained in exams written with Conservatory Canada, the Royal Conservatory of Music or the Canadian National Conservatory of Music within the twelve months prior to the application deadline.

  • Dale Wheeler/Ethel Huber History Scholarship ($150)
    Dr. Dale Wheeler and APTA member Ethel Huber are offering a $150 scholarship for the highest exam mark (minimum 90%) in History.
  • APTA Written Pedagogy Scholarship ($150)
    APTA is offering a $150 scholarship for the highest exam mark in a Written Pedagogy exam (minimum 80%).
  • APTA Viva Voce Scholarship ($150)
    APTA is offering a $150 scholarship for the highest mark in the Viva Voce part of the Teacher’s exam (minimum 80%).

To apply for these scholarships, submit a copy of official exam results (Summer, Winter or Spring sessions) along with a cover letter with a brief bio of the applicant. This information is to be used for the presentation of scholarships at the conference should you be successful.

All Scholarship applications should be mailed to:

Dara Fensky
Box 59
Crossfield, AB  T0M 0S0

Ph: (403) 618.8340