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Saturday, April 13
Webinar with Linda Kundert
Piano Technique RCM Levels 5 to 10 

A Piano Teacher’s Check List
Arpeggio finger patterns
Level 9_10 Technique Scramble
RCM Technique Mark Expectations
Suggestions for Practise When Busy
Suggestions for Successful Scale and Arpeggio Technique


Saturday, April 27
Webinar with Melanie Bowes
Inclusively Minded: Exploring Learner-Centred Piano Instruction and Collaborative Music-Making
11:00 a.m.
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In this one-hour presentation, Ms. Bowes will discuss the efficacy of traditional teaching methods – are we truly catering to the diverse learning needs of our students or are we inadvertently adhering to rigid structures that overlook individual differences? How can we facilitate group experiences that not only foster collective learning but also allow individuals to thrive? By integrating learner-centred principles and collaborative learning strategies, we aim to transform our teaching approaches, enriching the musical journey for educators and students alike.

Following the presentation, there will be a 30-minute Q & A period. The webinar will be recorded and accessible on this page until August 31, 2024. 
Saturday, May 25
Webinar with LaDona Ahenda
Introduction to Piano Teaching
10:00 a.m.
In this one-hour webinar Mrs. Ahenda will begin by exploring the minimum requirements to be a
teacher (knowledge, a piano, and a student) and then expand on that as we discuss:
• The business side of teaching – finding students, setting rates, developing policies and
other logistical issues
• The pedagogy – choosing a method, the fundamentals that will set up a student for
success, resources for teachers at any stage
• Your own development as a teacher – musically, pedagogically, and developing the soft
skills needed to be a successful long-term studio music teacher.
A Mentor Teacher can be lifesaver as you work through this on a weekly and yearly basis. We’ll
look at concept of mentoring. Who is a mentor? What is the process? How does that look in our
Following the presentation, there will be a 30-minute Q & A period. The webinar will be recorded and accessible in the members sign-in area until August 31, 2024.